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Thread: The NRA Has Registered Your Guns! OH MY!

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    Rant The NRA Has Registered Your Guns! OH MY!

    The NRA Has Registered Your Guns! OH MY!

    One of the newer leftist meme’s in defense of their extremist anti-freedom agenda, specifically background checks and registration, is the effort to silence opposition by claiming everyone’s guns are already registered. The NRA did it to us, they say! The Mommies Demanding Action seem to like this one. To provide a convenient, consistent response to this fallacy I find it once again necessary to define all the terms first. At least in this case doing so will pretty much settle the argument at the same time. So, here we go…

    What is government registration of firearms? You’d expect this is clear to everyone but, apparently, it is not.

    Registration by government would be established by law. For instance, it’s the only way in which the left’s “expanded background checks” could work. They would first have to know where every legally owned firearm is before they could know if it’s being bought and sold and being “properly” checked. So the government passes a law, or Obama simply rules by decree as he has indicated he plans to do on many things. That law would require, under penalties that would range from fines to felonies and jail time, that every US Citizen pay a fee to said government and list each firearm that they own by type and serial number. As well as where each firearm is physically kept and, possibly, when each is moved anywhere for any reason.
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    Land of the free & home of the brave has become land of decree and home of the slave.

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    Default Re: The NRA Has Registered Your Guns! OH MY!

    Uh... Shall not be infringed...
    "There is no hope in government. There is only hope in the Lord and the freedom He gave us."- AtomicLibSmasher, Aug. 2008

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